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Whether you’re up for taking a short break to the mountains, a month-long holiday in the jungle or a year off, beach-bumming it by the sea, sooner or later you may find yourself wondering what to do next, what to come up with to make the next break a little different.

While I don’t believe that any one of us alone (individual or business) is a worldwide travel expert, the sum of people’s contributions from their various travel experiences can form a valuable on-line resource to help everyone else plan their trip a little better or even spawn new ideas on what to do next for those of us who think we’ve done it all!

It’s exactly such a contribution that I’m trying to make through this blog. Hopefully, one small suggestion about a corner of the world that I enjoyed, a dish that I ate or an experience I had will inspire you to follow along and even take it further, coming back with your own suggestions and spreading the word further.

Feel free to add to the posts with your own comments and ideas or drop me a line to say what you love (or hate) about the site.

Wherever you’re trying to get to next, remember not to rush things and take time to take in the experience, not just through the eye of the viewfinder!


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